(6th) – 6 Oct 2012

Below are the 6th round of property cooling measures since 2009 and is taking effect from 6 Oct 2012.

These measures, however, have been superceded by new set of property cooling measures taking effect from 12 January 2013.


MAS Restricts Loan Tenure for Residential Properties (WEF 6 Oct 2012)


1. The maximum tenure of all new residential property loans will be capped at 35 years.

2. Loans exceeding 30 years tenure will face significantly tighter loan-to-value (LTV) limits. This will apply to both private properties and HDB flats.


New rules on loan tenure


1. The new MAS rules impose an absolute limit of 35 years on the tenure of all loans for residential property. This will apply to loans to both individual and non-individual borrowers, as well as refinancing loans1, from 6 October 2012.

2. In addition, MAS will lower the LTV ratio for new residential property loans to borrowers who are individuals, if:

  • the tenure exceeds 30 years; or
  • the loan period extends beyond the retirement age of 65 years
  • For these loans, the LTV limit will be:
    • 40% for a borrower with one or more outstanding residential property loans3; and
    • 60% for a borrower with no outstanding residential property loan.
  • MAS will also lower the LTV ratio for residential property loans to non-individual borrowers from 50% to 40%.



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