Plaza 8 Office Rental @ Changi Business Park Crescent (Fr 1500 – 25000 sft)

Plaza 8 Location : 1 Changi Business Park Crescent, S (486025)

Plaza 8 building is just across the road from Changi City Point. The Plaza 8 is a lifestyle hub integrating business and leisure in a lush environment with exciting F&B choices from Plaza 8 amenities centre.

Plaza 8 has efficient floor plan layout with various sizes specifically designed for company dealing with IT-related trade such as software development, quick start-up units for dry-based R&D companies, etc.  Plaza 8 has a great corporate image and rejuvenated lobby.

All of the office space for rent at Plaza 8 are fitted with false ceilings, centralised aircon and lightings with or without raised flooring. Many of the buildings at Changi Business Park also offer flexible configuration layout to suit different business requirement and easy set-up. 


Changi Business Park Office rental



Qualifying Trade For Changi Business Park

Changi Business Park is located under Business Park zoning by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Under Business Park zoning, the land usage that is permissible includes high tech manufacturing, product design and development, computer centre, data processing, industrial training, central distribution, e-business, core media activities, and IT / ICT related activities.


Changi business park allowed trade


Plaza 8  – Building Specifications : 


Floor Loading : 1st to 8th storey: 7.5 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height

Floor to Slab Soffit Height
– Basement: 4.5 m
– 1st storey: 5.2 m
– 2nd to 8th storey: 4.2 m

Floor to False Ceiling Height 
– 1st storey: 3.5 m 
– 2nd to 8th storey: 2.8 m

Passenger Lifts 
– 3-storey block: 2 x 15 pax 
– 8-storey block: 3 x 15 pax

Service Lifts 
– 8-storey block: 1 x 3,000 kg
– Dimensions: 2.2 m (W) x 2.65 m (D) x 2.7 m (H)

Loading Bay : 3 covered lots for 20 ft lorry & 3 dock levellers


Plaza 8 at Changi Business Park Office Rental Procedure


Plaza 8 office rental is generally based on 3 + 3 renewable lease term lease with a certain rental-free fit-out period given. 

Please note that NEA and JTC approval are required for all leases at Plaza 8 Changi Business Park. NEA approval takes approximately 2 weeks and JTC processing could stretch to 1 month or longer. Hence, please allocate sufficient planning and processing time for your company’s business space set-up or relocation.

Most of the office units offered in Changi Business Park usually are fitted with false ceilings, lights, and centralised aircon with or without raised flooring. Tenants are expected to renovate and furnish the office unit according to their specifications within the fit-out period given by the landlord. The length of this rent-free period also depends on the rental amount agreed and the length of the lease term. Tenants are allowed to partition the space into small office rooms, meeting or conference rooms, pantry, etc as long as the renovation doesn’t violate fire safety rule. Please note that upon expiry of the lease, the tenants are required to reinstate the office unit into its original condition.

Other Changi Business Parks office for rent are available at One @ Changi City, ESR Business Park @ Changi, Honeywell, Akzonobel House,  The Eightrium, The Signature, Rigel, and Haite. 

Please call our enquiry hotline to discuss about your office space requirements at Changi Business Park.


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