Rental Rates Guide

Note: The warehouse rental rates guide below is a simple indication and only for reference. Final transacted rental rates are subject to negotiation and terms & conditions on case to case basis. The rental rates below is subject to changes without any prior notice. Business Park and Science Park rental rates are also shown below as a guide. The are many other warehouse and factories for rent  not stated in the table below. The rental rates per square feet quoted is payable on MONTHLY basis.

 1 square meter = 10.764 square feet

1 kN/m2 = 102 kg/m2

Rental Rates For Singapore Business Parks

Changi Business Park Rental Rates Guide

Changi Business Park (CBP) office-type units are designed for IT & related activities (i.e. quick start-up units for dry based R&D companies). All units are fitted out with air-con, suspended ceilings & light fittings.

DistrictProjectPrice/psf/mth (S$)Remarks
161 Changi Business Park Ave 14.50Sizes fr 2500 sft
16Honeywell @ 17 CBP Central4.50Sizes fr 6000 - 13000 sft
16AkzoNobel House @ 3 CBP Vista4.50Sizes fr 4000 sft
16Hansapoint @ 10 CBP Central 24.50Limited space available. Call to check.
16One@Changi City @ 1 CBP Central 15.50Sizes fr 2000 - 10000 sft
16Plaza 8 @ 1 CBP Crescent4.20Sizes fr 1200 - 7000 sft
16ESR Business Park @ 6 CBP Ave 14.50Linked to Expo MRT station. Sizes fr 3000 - 30,000 sft. Retail space available.
16The Signature @ 51 Changi Business Park Central 24.20Sizes fr 1000 - 8000 sft. Bare/Fitted options.
16Rigel Innovation Centre2.80 - 3.00Sizes fr 3000 - 24,000 sft. Bare condition.
16Eightrium @ 15A CBP4.00Sizes fr 3600 - 12800 sft. Bare or Fitted unit available.
16Haite Building2.90 - 3.00Sizes from 1500 - 20000 sft

International Business Park Rental Rates Guide

International Business Park (IBP) units are suitable for software development, IT-related, R&D, product design, laboratory and other clean and light industries.

DistrictProjectPrice/psf /mth (S$)Remarks
22Icon @ 3A IBP3.80Sizes fr 1500 - 23,000 sft
22Nordic European Centre @ 3 IBP4.30Sizes fr 400 - 10000 sft
22Techquest @ 7 IBP4.00Sizes fr 400 - 13000 sft
22iQuest @ 27 IBP3.50Sizes fr 1800 - 10000 sft
22Acer @ 29 IBP3.70Size 1500 - 16,000 sft. Promo for selected unit - Lease 3 years Pay 2 Years Net Rental Only.
22Creative @ 31 IBP3.90Size 1000 - 50,000 sft. Promo for selected unit - Lease 3 years Pay 2 Years Net Rental Only.
22The Synergy @ 1 IBP4.207min walk to Jurong East MRT.
Sizes fr 2000 - 36000 sft.
22The Strategy @ 2 IBP4.507 min walk to Jurong East MRT.
Sizes fr 600 - 6000 sft.
22Tolaram @ 1A IBP4.20Sizes fr 10000 - 18000 sft.

Science Park Rental Rates Guide

Typical units at Science Parks are “Research units” suitable for wet/dry laboratory and R&D activities, “Office-type” units suitable for IT & related activities and other value adding industries. Typical office units are fitted out with/without raised flooring, central air-con, suspended ceiling & light fittings.

DistrictProjectPrice psf/month (S$)Remarks
5 (Science Park 1)Ascent @ 2 Science Park Dr6.80Sizes fr 1000 - 35,000 sft. Limited space available
5 (Science Park 1)Rutherford @ 89 Science Park Dr4.20Research unit. Sizes fr 1500 - 7500 sft.
5 (Science Park 1)The Franklin3.80Limited space available
5 (Science Park 1)Cintech I/II/III @ 73 Science Park Dr4.50IT-unit. Sizes fr 700 - 13000 sft
5 (Science Park 1)Cintech IV @ 79 Science Park Drive4.95Research Unit from 1700 - 20,000 sft
5 (Science Park 1)Chadwick/Curie/Cavendish @ 85 Science Park Dr3.90IT-unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 5000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Alpha @ 10 Science Park Rd4.00 - 4.20IT and Research units available. Sizes fr 800 - 40000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Gemini @ 41 Science Park Rd4.20 - 4.50Research units. Sizes fr 500 - 10000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Aries @ 51 Science Park Rd4.00 - 4.50Research units. Sizes from 1000 - 3500 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Capricorn @ 1 Science Park Rd 4.50IT and Research units available. Sizes fr 1000 - 5000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)Teletech Park @ 20 Science Park Rd4.50IT-unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 10000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Galen @ 61 Science Park Rd4.50Research unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 50000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Kendall @ 50 Science Park Rd4.50Research unit. Sizes fr 2000 - 3200 sft

One North Rental Rates Guide

5Nexus @ Fusionopolis5.80 - 6.30Business Park & Pure office for rent. Suit Bio-research & physical science, electronics & technology company.
5Galaxis @ Fusionopolis6.00 - 6.30Business Park & Pure office for rent. Suit Bio-research & physical science, electronics & technology company.
5Solaris @ Fusionopolis6.00 - 6.80Research unit. Award winning project. Sizes fr 3000 - 20000 sft.
5Razer @ One-North5.80Business Park Fr 3800 - 31,000 sft. Suitr IT or technology related industry. Sheltered 6 min walk to One North MRT. Sublet fee applies for > 10K sft
5Nucleos @ Biopolis5.80 - 6.30Research unit for Bio-medical trade.
Sizes fr 1000 - 8000 sft.
5Neuros/Immunos @ Biopolis5.80 - 6.00Research unit for Biomedical. Suit Bio-research & physical science company.
5Amnios @ Biopolis5.75Biomedical R&D usage. Office Size from 10000 sft.
5Synapse / Amnios @ Biopolis5.75 - 6.60Biomedical R&D usage. From 2400 - 10000 sft.
5Infinite Studios @ Mediapolis4.60Business Park and office-type unit available. Fr 1500 - 6000 sft
5Alice @ Mediapolis3.20 - 5.20Suits SMEs in InfoComm, Media, Physical Science and Engineering R&D industries. Launchpad graduates & SME enjoy rental subsidy. Sizes from 1000 - 45000 sft.

Rental Rates Guide For Industrial Buildings

Warehouse Rental Rates Guide – EAST area

DistrictProjectPrice/psf/mth (S$)Remarks
13Trivex @ Burn Rd2.60 - 3.00B1, corp image, near Tai Seng MRT
13Ruby Land Complex @ 52/54 Genting Lane1.60 - 1.70B1 industrial space. Size Fr 2500 - 9000 sft
13Ruby Industrial Complex (Genting & Tannery Blk)1.60 - 1.80B1. Cargo Lift access. Size fr 1000 sft.
1332 Kallang Pudding Rd1.70 - 2.00B1, ceiling 6m
1368 Kallang Pudding Rd1.80 - 2.00B1, Corp image, ceiling 5m, some unit fitted with office rooms
1310 Upp Aljunied Link2.20 - 2.50B1, clean image, easy loading layout
13HB Centre @ Tannery Rd2.20 - 2.50B1 High Spec Business Space, Some units are fully fitted. Some comes with private parking lot.
13Siemens Centre @ 60 Mac Pherson Rd3.00Corp image, light & clean industry, fitted.
13KA Place @ Kampong Ampat3.00 - 3.20High tech Biz space near Tai Seng MRT. Fitted w/ light & aircon.
13KA Centre @ Kampong Ampat3.00 - 3.20High tech Biz space near Tai Seng MRT. Fitted w/ light & aircon.
13City Industrial Bldg @ Tannery2.00Light Industrial building
13Cideco @ Genting Lane2.00Light industrial space, factory & warehouse.
13134 Joo Seng1.60Big floor plate. Light ind space.
13135 Joo Seng 2.50High tech Biz space
13136 Joo Seng1.70Light ind space near Tai Seng MRT
135 Lorong Bakar Batu (Quartz Ind Bldg)1.50B1 space. Ceiling 4m
138 Lorong Bakar Batu1.80Light Ind space near PIE.
131 Kallang Way 2A2.00Light industrial space
13155, 161 Kallang Way1.75B1 flatted fty, bare, ceiling 3.8m
13Solaris @ 164 Kallang Way4.20 - 4.60High Spec Business Space 11 min walk to Geylang Bahru MRT
14GB Point @ 535 Kallang Bahru3.80Commercial Office building next to Geylang Bahru MRT & Food Center.
14Edward Boustead Ctr @ 82 Ubi Ave 43.60 - 3.95High Spec Biz Space 10 min walk to MRT
14Vertex @ Ubi Ave 32.20 - 3.00Corp image, ramp-up B1 near KPE, PIE, CTE
14Zervex @ Ubi Rd 22.30 - 3.50B1, corp image, near KPE, PIE, CTE
14Oxley Biz Hub 1 & 22.10 - 2.80High tech Biz space near KPE, PIE, CTE
14Eunos Technolink2.10 - 2.50B1 Ramp-up near KPE, PIE, CTE
14Enterprise One 2.10 - 2.50Ramp-up light ind space near Eunos MRT. Near KPE, PIE, CTE.
14Ubi Techpark2.00 - 2.50B1 space near KPE, PIE, CTE
14Ub One2.00 - 2.50Light ind space near KPE, PIE, CTE
14First East Center @ Kaki Bukit1.80 - 2.20B2, ramp-up factory, suit car & heavy industry.
14Shun Li Industrial Park1.70 - 2.40B1 near to future Kaki Bukit MRT
1431 Ubi Road 12.80 - 3.00B1, Corp image near to Mac Pherson MRT
143014A/3015A Ubi Road 11.80 - 2.00ex-JTC flatted factory
14Weltech @ Ubi Road 1.90Light ind space, next to future Ubi MRT
14Ubi Point @ 61 Ubi Ave 12.00 - 2.50B1 space. Ceiling 4.5m
1421 Ubi Road 12.60Fitted with aircon & lights.
1427 Ubi Road 41.90Light industrial space for rent
1445 Ubi Road 11.90Light industrial space for rent
1455 Ubi Ave 31.60Light industrial space for rent
1472 Eunos Ave 72.6 - 2.80B1,  Fr 500 - 1300sft, fitted with lights and aircon, corp image.
14Richfield Center @ Eunos Ave 71.80 - 2.00B1 flatted fty, carpentry allowed
14Da Vinci Bldg @ Tai Seng2.00Light industrial space for rent
14Print Media Hub @ 16 Tai Seng Ave2.00B2 designated for Print, design & related industries only. 5min walk to Tai Seng MRT
143 Tai Seng Drive1.80B1 light industrial space. Flatted factory near Tai Seng MRT
1415 Tai Seng Drive1.60 - 1.80B1 Light industrial near Tai Seng MRT
1412 Tai Seng Link3.20Premium Biz Space with excellent corp image
1416 Tai Seng St2.50High Specs Biz Space. Good prominent facade next to Tai Seng 18. 5min walk to Tai Seng MRT
1419 Tai Seng Ave2.80 - 3Home Fix Building. 6 min walk to Tai Seng MRT
14Cititech @ Aljunied Rd2.30Light industrial space
16512 / 514 Chai Chee Lane1.30 - 1.50B1, ex-JTC flatted fty, ceiling 3.8m
16Viva Business Park @ Chai Chee3.00 - 3.50Business Park near Bedok & Kembangan MRT.  Corporate image. Retail and F&B space for rent available.
16Xilin Districentre A/B/C/D @ Changi South Street 21.60 - 1.80Corporate image Ind space. Size up to 55000sft available.
16Nan Wah Bldg @ Changi South1.60 - 2.30High spec, warehouse & ancillary office available.
161 Changi South Lane2.10Ancillary office only. Nice image
1621 Changi South Ave 21.60 - 1.80Ground floor warehouse available. Cargo lift access. Size from 8000 - 40,000sft available.
1641 Changi South Ave 21.80Flatted factory, fitted unit available. Size fr 3000 - 20,000sft.
163 Changi South St 31.60Aircon warehouse with mezzanine. Cargo lift access. Ceiling 7.5 - 8m
169 Changi South St 32.60Ancillary office only. Corp Image
1610 Changi South St 3 1.60 - 1.70Good specs. B2 zone near Expo MRT
1610 Changi South St 21.60B2 Flatted Warehouse opp Changi City Point. 10 Loading Bays
1639 Changi South Ave 21.70Big floor plate. B2 near to Expo MRT
164 Changi South Lane1.50B1 warehouse. Size 8000sft onwards. Cargo lift access. Ancillary office available
165 Changi South Lane1.8040-footer Ramp-up Warehouse with 8.6m ceiling height. Floor loading 20kN/m2. Dedicated loading bays
1610 Changi South Lane1.80 - 2.00B2 Corporate Image near Tanah Merah MRT
17Changi Logistics Centre @ 19 Loyang Way 1.60 - 2.50Corporate image Ind space. Ancilary office available @ $2.50psf
1710 Changi North Way1.60Ramp-up warehouse with aircon mezzanine office. Size 37K - 100K sft available.
1711 Changi North Way1.70Ramp-up warehouse with aircon mezzanine office. Above 40K sqft. Ceiling height 8m. Dedicated loading bays.
1712 Changi North Way1.60Ramp-up logistic warehouse with mezzanine office. Size 14k/ 50k sft. Ceiling 8m. Dedicated loading bays.
1711 Changi North St 11.60 - 1.80B2 flatted factory with corporate image
17Logistech @ 3 Changi North Street 21.70 - 2.50High spec, warehouse & ancillary office available.
17Changi Logistics Centre @ 19 Loyang Way1.40 - 1.60Ramp-up & flatted logistics warehouse with aircon ancillary office space.
1730 Loyang Way1.30 - 1.50B1 light industrial space. Flatted warehouse
1760 Alps Avenue1.50 - 1.60Changi Free Trade Zone (FTZ) flatted warehouse + office. Limited unit available.
1770 Alps Avenue1.70 Changi Free Trade Zone  (FTZ) ramp-up warehouse + ancillary office. 2-storey ramp-up warehouse. Limited unit available.
1771 Alps Avenue1.50 - 1.60Changi Free Trade Zone  (FTZ) warehouse + office. Cargo lift access. Size from 200sft - 20,000sft. Limited unit available.
17Loyang Enterprise @ 56 Loyang Way1.40 - 2.20Ramp-up B2 Factory, door-step loading.
189 Tampines Ind Drive1.50B1 Flatted factory. Size from 6,000 - 14,000sft.
1835 Tampines St 921.80Flatted factory. Size from 18,000 - 22,000 sft. Corporate image.
1837A Tampines St 921.80Flatted factory. Easy access to PIE. Size from 3,000 - 18,000sft. Corporate image
186 Tampines Ind Ave 52.30B2 Next to IKEA. Suitable for electronics/ semicon trade. From 30,000 - 114,000 sft. Dedicated cargo lifts
18Space @ Tampines ,18 Tampines Ind Crescent1.50B2 ramp-up factory, size fr 7500 sft - 11800sft, ceiling 6m. Direct loading in-front-of unit. Opposite IKEA & Giant Tampines. 

Warehouse Rental Rates Guide – CENTRAL area

DistrictProjectPrice/psf/mth (S$)Remarks
3Inno Ctr at Bukit Merah Central3.20Light ind space for E-business only
31001, 1002 Jalan Bukit Merah1.95Light industrial space near Redhill MRT
31090 - 1093 Lower Delta 1.90B1 flatted fty, ceiling 3.8m, bare
324/25 Depot Lane1.45Single storey terrace warehouse near Redhill Size fr 1500 - 5000sft.
3Pacific Tech Ctr @ Bukit Merah2.70High tech space, corp image
3Henderson Ind Bldg1.60 - 2.003sty Terrace factory. B1
3Cendex @ Lower Delta3.00 - 3.60Corp image light ind space near AYE
334 Boon Leat Terrace1.30B1 Ramp-up, near Pasir Panjang MRT, large floor plate (fr 15,000 - 62,000sft). Good location.
3The Alexcier 4.00 - 5.00Next to Redhill MRT, Corp Image
3One Commonwealth2.50 - 3.00B1 ramp-up near Commonwealth MRT
12970 Toa Payoh North2.00 - 2.10B1 flatted fty, walk to Braddel MRT
12998 Toa Payoh North2.00 - 2.10B1 flatted fty, walk to Braddel MRT
12988 Toa Payoh North4.20High Tech Business Space
121004 Toa Payoh North2.00 - 2.10B1 flatted fty, walk to Braddel MRT
121008 Toa Payoh North2.00 - 2.10B1 flatted fty, walk to Braddel MRT
1244 Kallang Place2.00Size approx 1000sft. Corp image with air-con units. 
12Solaris @ 164 Kallang Way4.00 - 4.20New premium industrial bldg. Corporate image. Walk to Geylang Bahru MRT.
121 Kallang Sector1.80Light industrial space
127, 9, 11, 16 Kallang Place1.70 - 1.90Light ind space near Boon Keng MRT
1219, 21  Kallang Avenue1.70 - 1.90Light ind space near Kallang MRT
12Noel Corporate Bldg @ Kallang Ave3.00Hich tech space near Kallang MRT
12CT Hub @ Lavender2.80 - 3.50Corp image light ind space near MRT
12Aperia @ Kallang Avenue5.70 - 6.00Corporate image high spec B1 space. Fitted unit available. Size from 1700 - 5500sft. 4 min walk to Lavender MRT. Surrounded by amenities.
12Bendeemer Centre @ 20 Bendeemer Rd$3.80 - $4.00Corporate Image. 3 min walk to Bendeemer MRT
1280 Bendeemer Rd4.60Premium Biz Space. Excellent corporate image

Warehouse Rental Rates Guide – NORTH area

DistrictProjectPrice/psf/mth (S$)Remarks
12Jackson Square @ 11 Lor 3 Toa Payoh3.00Premium Biz Space (office &Premium Biz Space (office & warehouse for rent) near Toa Payoh Hub/MRT warehouse for rent) near Toa Payoh Hub/MRT
12970/ 978 / 998 / 1004 / 1008 Toa Payoh North2.10B1 warehouse, 5 min walk to Braddel MRT
12988 Toa Payoh North4.20High Spec Business Space, 5 min walk to MRT
12351 Braddell4.60High Spec Business Space, High Spec Business Space, 5 min walk to MRT, TOP Q3 2020.
19103 Defu Lane1.70B1 warehouse, nice image, High ceiling 8m, 12 loading bays, 3 cargo lift
19151 Lorong Chuan (New Tech Park)4.00 - 4.20Premium Biz Space (office & warehouse for rent) opp Lor Chuan MRT. Click Here For Details
1918 New Industrial Rd2.20Size fr 500 - 1000sft, fitted w/ lights & aircon, near Bartley & Tai Seng MRT
19UE Biz Hub Central AMK3.00 - 3.50High Spec Biz Space, large office for rent up to 100,000 sft.
20Techplace I @ AMK Ave 101.80 - 2.20B1 flatted factory. Click here for details.
20Techplace II @ AMK Ave 51.80 - 2.20B1 flatted factory. Click here for details.
206 Serangoon North Ave 52.60Premium Biz Space (office & warehouse for rent) near residential area
20K&S Corp HQ @23A Serangoon North2.80Premium Biz Space (office & warehouse for rent) near residential area
2052 Serangoon North Ave 41.60 - 1.80B1 Light industrial space
2053 Serangoon North Ave 41.60 - 1.80B1 Light industrial space
2056 Serangoon North Ave 41.60B1 Light industrial space
202 Serangoon North Ave 52.00B1 Light industrial space
2054 Serangoon North Ave 52.30B1 Light industrial space
2011 Serangoon North Ave 51.80B1 Light industrial space
2038 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 21.50Size fr 2000 - 7000 sft.
20Northstar @ AMK2.40 - 3.00B1 ramp-up light industrial space
20Midview City @ Sin Ming2.10 - 2.50B1 Ramp-up & non ramp up, corp image
25Admirax @ Admiralty2.20High Tech Business Space. Suit medical and clean trade only
25Food Axis @ Senoko1.90Approved Food factory
25Woodlands Central @ 33 Marsiling Ind Est Rd 32.30Bio medical, electronic trade only
25Woodlands Spectrum 1 & II 1.60B2 Ramp-up flatted & terrace factory. 40-footer container accessible
2529 Woodlands Ind Park E12.20Centralised aircon
25North Link @ Admiralty1.50 - 1.60B1 ramp-up light industrial space
25Food Xchange @ Admiralty2.40 - 3.00Approved Food factory
25Woodlands 111.70 - 1.80B1 ramp-up light industrial space
25Harvest @ Woodlands1.60 - 1.80Ramp-up B1 & B2 factory
25Nordcom 1 & 2 @ Gambas Crescent1.50 - 1.70B1 mix development (ramp-up, flatted fty, 3-storey terrace fty). Click here for details.
2761 Yishun Ind Park A1.60B1 light industrial bldg
27A Posh Bizhub @ Yishun1.80 - 2.20B1 light industrial bldg
27North Spring Bizhub @ Yishun1.50 - 2.00B2 ramp up factory (40-footer accessible)
27North Point @ Yishun1.50 - 1.60Ramp-up B1.

Warehouse Rental Rates Guide – WEST area

DistrictProjectPrice/psf/mth (S$)Remarks
5Citilink @ Pasir Panjang3.00Light industrial space near Pasir Panjang MRT
5Interlocal Centre @ 100G Pasir Panjang2.50 - 2.80B1 light industrial space with great corporate image. Air-con unit avail. Ceiling 5m.
5Logis Hub @ 2 Clementi Loop1.40 - 1.60B1 flatted warehouse with ancillary office. Large size from 20K sft
52 Fishery Port3.502-sty ramp-up cold room, multi-temperature controlled, located within food processing zone.
51 Clementi Loop$1.60 - $1.80B2 warehouse with cargo lift access. Sizes from 1900 - 5500 sft.
54, 6 Clementi Loop1.40 - 1.60B1 flatted warehouse with ancillary office. Corporate Image.
57 Clementi Loop 1.40B1 flatted warehouse from 5K - 20K sqft
5TIC Tech Ctr @ Pandan Crescent1.60 - 1.90B2 zone, Fr 50000sft up, aircon ancilary office available.
58, 10 Pandan Crescent1.5 - 1.8B2, plenty of loading bays, suitable for logistic and general cargo, efficient layout, 6m ceiling.
212 Toh Tuck Link1.20B1 Light industrial space with corporate image. Suit warehouse & logistics.
22Corporation Place @ 2 Corporation Rd2.20B1 High tech space, corp image
22Enterprise Hub @ Toh Guan1.40 - 1.60B2 ramp up, 40 footer container accessible.
2255 Toh Guan Road East1.80B2 multi storey warehouse approx 3500 sft per unit with 4m ceiling
225B Toh Guan Road East1.30 - 1.50B2 ramp-up warehouse 40 footer accessible, near IMM Jurong & AYE, Ceiling 8 - 10m, Ground floor available, big floor plate fr 20,000sft - 53,000sft.
223B Toh Guan Road East1.00 - 1.20B2 warehouse, size fr 8000sft - 10,000sft. Near Jurong East MRT.
2248 Pandan Road1.306-storey ramp-up logistics warehouse with dedicated loading bays.
22Pandan Logistics Hub @ 49 Pandan Road1.10 - 1.20Ramp-up Logistics Warehouse With Dedicated loading bays. Ceiling 8.85m. Floor loading 20kN/m2. Size from 20000 - 55000 sft.
2230 Boon Lay Way1.30 - 1.60B2 Logistics Warehouse Fr 14000 - 40000 sft. Near Jurong East MRT.
2210 Benoi Sector1.50B2 Ground Floor Warehouse with 7m ceiling
2221 Benoi Sector1.4B2 Ramp-up near Joo Koon MRT, Various size up to 54000sft. Ceiling 8m, dedicated loading bays. Logistic services available
2244 Benoi Road1.10B2 single storey warehouse
22Enterprise Logistic Center @ Tuas View1.2B2 ramp up, 40 footer container accessible. Ground Floor available
22The Index @ Tuas South Ave 30.90 -1.30B2 ramp-up, 40-footer accessible, units ready with DB/isolator, tel point, Floor loading 15kN/m2, Power supply fr 150 - 1000 Amp (3 phase), Floor height 6.5 - 8m.
2251 Tuas View Link1.30 - 1.50B2 single storey, ample loading bays right in front of unit, roller shutters entrance, Floor loading 20kN/m2, Ceiling 10m, Open area available.
22Westcom @ 1 Tuas South Ave 6 1.3B2 Ramp-up (for lorry shorter than 7.5m only), size fr 3068 - 6147sft, no airspace, Ceiling 6m, Power supply 100Amp 3phase, right next to bus stop, in-house canteen, attached toilet, wide roller shutter entrance of 8m (W) x 4.5m (H).
2220 Tuas Avenue 11.3B2 Logistics Ramp-up warehouse. Size fr 10000 - 80000sft.
222 Tuas South Ave 21.10 - 1.40B2 flatted factoy space. Small size available.
228 Tuas South Lane$1 - $1.20 psfB2 Single Storey Factory and Multi-Storey Warehouse with large compound and high ceiling
2230 Tuas Ave 10 1.4B2 production space, ground floor 10000 - 30000sft available. High ceiling, loading bay available.
2230 Tuas West Road1.20Ramp-up logistic warehouse. Large floor plate 55000 sft. 5min walk to Tuas West MRT.
22Tuas Connection @ Tuas Loop1.6B2 stand alone fty with own compound, ceiling 6 - 12m. Size fr 42,000 - 44,500sft.
2210 - 40 Tuas South St 10.85B2 stand alone single sty warehouse / factory. Ceiling 6 - 8m. Short term lease ok. Size fr 7,000 - 70,000sft.
22160A Gul Circle1.20B2 Multi Storey and Single Storey factory Space With 6m Ceiling
2215 Gul Way 1.10Ramp-up Logistics Warehouse with dedicated loading bays. Size from 50000 sft.
2220 Gul Way1.10 - 1.20B2 warehouse, ramp-up for 40 footer container, suit logistic, large floor plate from 20,000 - 100,000 sqft.
22Jurong Logistics Hub @ 31 Jurong Port Rd1.30Ramp-up logistics warehouse fr 15000 sft.
2219 Jurong Port Road1.00B2 single storey factory. Open yard with overhead cranes available.
2224 Jurong Port Road1.10B2 warehouse 46k and 57k sqft available (Sub-divisible). 53 Dock levelers.
22Benoi Place1.4030,000 - 90,000 sft stand alone B2 factory, high ceiling 10m, VNA racking and overhead cranes available, open space available too.
22Benoi Logistics Hub1.6B2 zone near Joo koon MRT
221 Buroh Crescent (Logistic Hub)1.40 - 1.70B2 ramp-up, Suitable for general cargo, logistic, etc. NEA controlled warehouse for chemical also avail, Size from 30,000 - 200,000 sft.
22Westlink 2 @ Tuas View Place1.4B2 ramp-up factory
22Pioneer Hub @ 15 Pioneer Walk1.6B2 ramp-up, large floor plate froom 40,000sft. Ancillary office available
2276 Pioneer Rd1.3B2 Logistics ramp-up warehouse fr 30000 - 50000 sft
22West Park Biz Central @ 20 Pioneer Crescent1.30 - 1.40B2 ramp-up factory with ceiling 8.8m fr 16000sft up. Smaller 1500 sft biz space also avail.
2224 Penjuru Road 1.20Ramp-up logistics warehouse 9m ceiling (12m on top floor). Dedicated loading bays. 20kN/m2 Floor loading (25kN/m2 on #9)
2227 Penjuru Lane1.20 - 1.30B2 Logistics Ramp-up warehouse fr 50000 - 110000sft. Office Space avail.
2234 Penjuru Lane (Penjuru Logistics Hub)1.00 - 1.20B2 w/hse, 6.5m ceiling, 31 loading bays, 5 tons cargo lift, size 17000sft, AYE
2231 Penjuru Lane0.80B2 factory . Cargo lift access. 13,000sft ceiling 6m.
2237 Penjuru Lane1.00B2 flatted factory. Ceiling up to 7m
2240 Penjuru Lane1.40 - 1.50Ramp-up logistics warehouse. Large floor plate fr 30,000 - 100,000sft.
2246A Tanjong Penjuru1.30Ramp-up logistics warehouse 100,000 sft. Ancillary office space available.
231 Bukit Batok St 221.60 - 1.80B1 Flatted Light Industrial / Workshop.
23521 Bukit Batok St 231.00 - 1.20B1 Flatted Factory 20K - 40K sqft
23Bukit Batok Connection2.20B1 Ramp-up factory with direct loading in-front-of unit. 0.7km to Bukit Batok MRT

Note : Warehouse and office for rent are not limited to the properties highlighted above.

Many other industrial buildings and office for rent on the east, north, northeast, central, and west region that might suit your operational requirements are available but not listed above. Rental rates are dependent upon length of lease term, rental free period, size, location, buildings specification, fittings, etc. The prices quoted above are indicative prices only and are subject to change without notification.

Landlord / Tenant welcome to list and enquire.

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