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What is business parks exactly? And what kind of business is suited for business parks?

According to JTC, business parks refer to areas for non-pollutive industries and businesses that engage in high technology, research and development (R&D), high-value added and knowledge-intensive activities. Hence businesses suited for business parks include various light and clean uses such as R&D, biotech, data centre, information technology (IT), media, software development, telecommunications, electronics, healthcare devices, pharmaceutical, product design, development and testing, assembly, technical support helpdesk, service centres and back-end operations of financial institutions.

Business parks enable companies in the same cluster (i.e. pharmaceutical, infotech, telecommunications, media, biotech, etc) to operate in a conducive, landscaped environment with easy access to public transportation and security coverage. This unique facilities and ambience serve as plus point when recruiting and retaining professionals staff. In other words, business parks are high quality business and office space with cheaper rent compared to pure commercial property. 

Apart from lower rental costs, other factors that drive companies to rent business parks office include greater convenience, accessibility and increase in productivity levels by working closer to homes. The lower business park office rents are drawing more traditional office occupiers as the difference in business park rental vs office rental (decentralised area)  can be as high as 30 percent and up to 50% vs centralised (CBD) area.

Below are some Singapore Business Parks For Rent :

1. International Business Park

Unique feature: Able to custom-build own facilities for a maximum of 30 years.

Who & who are here?

Acer Computer, Creative Technologies, Sony, M+W Zander and Mobile One as well as both the German Centre for Industry and the Nordic European Centre, which function as incubators for start-ups.

So..if you are in IT-related activities i.e. software development, lab research….look no further than conducive environment to base your operational space here.

Available buildings at International Business Park for rent :

DistrictProjectPrice/psf (S$)Remarks
22Icon @ 3A IBP3.95Sizes fr 1500 - 23,000 sft
22Nordic European Centre @ 3 IBP4.40Sizes fr 400 - 10000 sft
22Techquest @ 7 IBP4.00Sizes fr 400 - 13000 sft
22iQuest @ 27 IBP3.50Sizes fr 1800 - 10000 sft
22Acer @ 29 IBP4.30Sizes fr 1500 - 16,000 sft
22Creative @ 31 IBP4.30Sizes fr 900 - 50,000 sft
22The Synergy @ 1 IBP4.207min walk to Jurong East MRT.
Sizes fr 2000 - 36000 sft.
22The Strategy @ 2 IBP4.507 min walk to Jurong East MRT.
Sizes fr 600 - 6000 sft.
22Tolaram @ 1A IBP4.00Sizes fr 10000 - 18000 sft.

2. Changi Business Park

CBP is strategically located in a beautifully-landscaped environment that is supported by an energy-saving District Cooling System. It is a natural choice for high-technology businesses, data and software enterprises, research and development divisions of multinational companies and knowledge-intensive enterprises.

Who & who are here?

Honeywell, Invensys, Ultro Technologies and IBM also have their presence in CBP.

Similar to IBP, companies can customise their facilities to the maximum of lease of 30 years.

Changi Business Park is easily accessible by public transportation and is near to ECP and Changi airport. Most of the buildings are within walking distance to Expo MRT, Capri Hotel, and Changi City Point shopping mall. One of the development, UE Bizhub East has an underground connection direct to MRT and Fair Price Supermarket.

Available buildings at Changi Business Park for rent

DistrictProjectPrice/psf (S$)Remarks
161 Changi Business Park Ave 14.50Sizes fr 2500 sft
16Honeywell @ 17 CBP Central4.50Sizes fr 6000 - 13000 sft
16AkzoNobel House @ 3 CBP Vista4.50Sizes fr 4000 sft
16Hansapoint @ 10 CBP Central 24.50Limited space available. Call to check.
16One @ Changi City @ 1 CBP Central 15.50Sizes fr 2000 - 10000 sft
16Plaza 8 @ 1 CBP rescent4.20Sizes fr 1200 - 7000 sft
16UE Bizhub East @ 6 CBP Ave 14.70 - 5.00Linked to Expo MRT station. Sizes fr 3000 - 30,000 sft. Retail space available.
16Rigel Innovation Centre2.80 - 3.00Sizes fr 3000 - 24,000 sft. Bare condition.
16Eightrium @ 15A CBP4.00Sizes fr 3600 - 12800 sft. Bare or Fitted unit available.
16Haite Building3.30 - 3.60Sizes fr 1500 - 23000 sft

3. Viva Business Park @ Chai Chee

Viva Business Park is conveniently located in between Bedok and Kembangan MRT and is surrounded by residential estates. The site has been redeveloped to encompass retail stores & F&B shops within the compound offering convenience to existing tenants. It is easily accessible to public transport and amenities. The rental rates at Viva Business Park is also the lowest amongst the rest of the Business Parks/ Science Parks (eg. International Business Park, Changi Business Park and Science Parks). All units are fitted with aircon, ceiling board and lightings.

Rental rates for Viva Business Park ranges from $3.20 – $3.60psf.

Retail and F&B space for rent are also available at Viva Business Park white site from $9psf onwards.

Click here for more details on Viva Business Park.

4. One North

One North is the biggest R&D cluster ever developed by JTC encompassing 200 hectare of land. It is in a stages of development within 15-year to time frame. The changes toward this area has improved the area’s accessibility and amenities considerably.  It has also brought in many knowledge-intensive companies, scientists, start-ups and is the conducive place where innovation takes place amongst the brightest minds. One North have 3 major hubs to house key public and private institutes and organizations, namely : Biopolis,  Fusionopolis, and Mediapolis.

Click here for more details about One North.

Available buildings at One North for rent

DistrictProjectPrice/psf (S$)Remarks
5Infinite Studios @ Mediapolis4.50 - 5.20Research unit and office-type unit available. Sizes fr 3000 sft. Limited units available.
5Nexus @ Fusionopolis5.80 - 7.00Business Park & Pure office type
5Galaxis @ Fusionopolis6.00 - 6.75Business Park & Pure office type
5Nucleos @ Biopolis5.80 - 6.50Research unit for Bio-med.
Sizes fr 1000 - 8000 sft.
5Neuros/Immunos5.80 - 6.00Research unit for Biomedical. Limited unit available
5Amnios5.75Biomedical R&D usage. Size about 10000sft.
5Synapse5.75 - 6.00Biomedical R&D usage. Size about 2400 sft. Fitted unit or bare condition.
5Solaris6.00Research unit. Award winning project. Sizes fr 2700 - 13000 sft.
5Alice @ Mediapolis3.70 - 5.70Start-up Space, Business Park, Office Units available
5Razor SEA HQ5.90Media, Infocom, Engrg, Science, IT Trade (TOP Q2 2020)

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