Everything to know about commercial properties in Singapore

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Considering аn investment іntо commercial рrореrtіеѕ іn Sіngароrе? Here are ѕоmе things you ѕhоuld knоw fіrѕt. From buіld-tо-оrdеr рublіс flats, mass-market соndоmіnіumѕ, іntеgrаtеd рrоjесtѕ and hіgh-еnd condominiums, Singaporeans аrеn’t аfrаіd tо dаbblе іn the dіffеrеnt tіеrѕ of the rеѕіdеntіаl property market. However, many аrе hesitant whеn іt соmеѕ to trеаdіng…

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Singapore Commercial Office Leasing Procedures

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Commercial property leasing procedures varies from country to country. Whether you are a newly set-up company or foreign company looking to set up a presence in Singapore, may this Office Leasing Guide provide a better understanding towards the common practices in Singapore. Hope it can assist you better in the…

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JTC New Subletting Rules From Oct 2014

Industrialists’ sublet quantum slashed by 20%. The JTC has unveiled new subletting policies for industrialists who wish to establish their businesses on JTC land. From October 2014, major tenants will only be allowed to sublet 30% of a building’s gross floor area, down from 50% in the current rules. According to…

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ABSD (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty) is different from SSD (Seller Stamp Duty). SSD is applied on Private Residential Property and Industrial property but excludes Commercial Property (eg. Office, Retail shop, Medical Suites) Seller Stamp Duty (SSD) for Private Residential Property was previously imposed for 4 years within property purchase however,…

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Speculation in commercial properties rises.

Owners hold commercial, industrial units for barely three months before flipping them. SPECULATION seems rife in the strata- titled commercial and industrial property sectors with many new units being held for barely three months before they are flipped. Commercial units launched this year are being held for only an average…

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