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Cintech I/ II/ III @ 73/75/77 Science Park Dr (Science Park 1)

Cintech I/ II/ III Location : 73/ 75/ 77 Science Park Dr, Singapore 118254 (Science Park 1) Cintech I/ II/ III are situated in the middle part of Science Park ...
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Singapore Lab for rent Science Park 1

Cintech IV @ 79 Science Park Dr (Science Park 1)

Cintech IV Location : 79 Science Park Dr, Singapore 118264 (Science Park 1) Cintech IV are situated in the middle part of Science Park I and are next to Cintech ...
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science park lab space for rent

The Rutherford & Oasis @ 83/85 Science Park Dr (Science Park 1)

The Rutherford Location : 83 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118261 (Science Park 1) The Rutherford & Oasis are situated at the back part of Science Park 1, not far from ...
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Capricorn Science Park building for rent

The Capricorn – 1 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

The Capricorn Location : 1 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117528 (Science Park 2) The building is well situated at the front of Science Park II (near to Pasir Panjang Road) ...
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Apha science park office for rent

The Alpha – 10 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

The Alpha Location: 10 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117684 (Science Park 2) The building is well situated at the front Science Park II (near to Pasir Panjang Road) and is ...
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The Aries – 51 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

Aries Location : 51 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117586 (Science Park 2) The Aries is located next to the amenities block, Sparkle which offers varieties of F&B choices. The Aries ...
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Teletech Park @ 20 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

Teletech Park Location : 20 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117674 (Science Park 2) Teletech Park was the first facility in Asia uniquely designed by Kenzo Tange to serve the development ...
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science park lab for rent Gemini

The Gemini – 41 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

The Gemini Location : 41 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117610 (Science Park 2) The Gemini building with its amenities at the Sparkle is situated in the middle of Science Park ...
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Science Park 1 Galen For rent

The Galen ⭐ 61 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

Galen Location : 61 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117525 (Science Park 2) The Galen Science Park 2 - Lab & Office For Rent - Building Specs : Floor Loading 1st ...
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Science Park lab and office for rent at Kendall

The Kendall @ 50 Science Park Rd (Science Park 2)

The Kendall Location : 50 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117406 (Science Park 2) The Kendall is situated at the back of Science Park II and has a short cut walking ...
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Quality Office @ Science Park For Rent

Science Park is a research, development and technologies hub located at the west zone of Singapore. It is managed by Ascendas and is ideal for R&D activities ranging from wet laboratory to software development and IT-related trade.

Location: Close to key research and tertiary institutions (eg. National University of Singapore -- NUS and National University Hospital -- NUH), and One North Bio-medical and Innovation Centre. Science Park I is close to Kent Ridge MRT while Science Park II is near to Haw Par MRT.

Science Park I & II Office For Rent:

Science Park 1 buildings for rent includes the following:

  • Ascent (2 Science Park Drive at Science Park I)
  • Rutherford (89 Science Park Drive at Science Park I)
  • Franklin (1 Science Park Drive at Science Park I)
  • Cintech I / II/ III (73 Science Park Drive at Science Park I)
  • Chadwick/ Curie / Cavendish (85 Science Park Drive at Science Park I)

Science Park 2 buildings for rent includes the following:

  • Alpha (10 Science Park Road at Science Park II)
  • Aries (51 Science Park Road at Science Park II)
  • Gemini (41 Science Park Road at Science Park II)
  • Capricorn (1 Science Park Road at Science Park II)
  • Teletech (20 Science Park Road at Science Park II)
  • Galen (61 Science Park Road at Science Park II)
  • Kendall (50 Science Park Road at Science Park II)


There are 2 types of Office space for rent in Science Park. There are IT-units which are usually fitted with false ceilings, lights, and centralized air-conditioner. Another office-type unit is a Converted Unit with independently controlled air-conditioning, ceiling board, light fittings and carpeting. This type of converted unit is good for quick start-up of dry IT companies.

By renting  office space in Science Park, tenants can save cross out some capital investment in installing the office unit with these structures and start operations immediately without much of down-time. Some of these buildings have nice lounges and open sitting area for discussion purposes. Many of these buildings in Science Park II have been recently refurbished for new modern look. Tenants are expected to renovate and furnish the office unit according to their specifications within the fitting-out period given by the landlord. Some of these buildings have nice lounges and open sitting area for discussion purposes.

Laboratories, on the other hand, come as empty space or bare shells with fire sprinkler, floor trap, dedicated exhaust duct space, and chilled water provision.

Science Park Space For Rent

How much does Office & Lab Rental in Science Park Singapore cost?

Science Park office rental is one (possibly) the most affordable ways to set up a strategically positioned tech-office or laboratory. Generally, Science Park Office and laboratory rental rates range between $3.80 to $4.50. At these rates, it translates to a price that is 30% to 50% lower than the office space for rent in CBD ($7 -- $12 psf). The lower rental rates can help you save money as a startup business owner, so that you can invest in other needs of your company.

Science Parks Rental Rates Guide

AddressProjectPrice/psf (S$)Remarks
5 (Science Park 1)Ascent @ 2 Science Park Drive6.80Limited Space Available.
5 (Science Park 1)Science Hub @ 87 Science Park Drive4.20Only have Research Unit (Wet/Dry Lab) for rent only.
5 (Science Park 1)Rutherford @ 89 Science Park Dr4.20Only have Research Unit (Wet/Dry Lab) for rent only. Sizes fr 1500 - 7500 sft.
5 (Science Park 1)The Franklin3.80Only have IT-office unit. Limited space available
5 (Science Park 1)Cintech I/II/III @ 73 Science Park Dr4.20 - 4.50IT Unit Only. Sizes fr 700 - 13000 sft
5 (Science Park 1)Chadwick/Curie/Cavendish @ 85 Science Park Dr3.90IT Unit Only. Sizes fr 1000 - 5000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Alpha @ 10 Science Park Rd4.00 - 4.20IT and Research Unit available. Sizes fr 800 - 40000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Gemini @ 41 Science Park Rd4.20IT and Research Unit available for rent. Sizes fr 500 - 20000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Aries @ 51 Science Park Rd4.00 - 4.50Only have Research Unit (Wet/Dry Lab) for rent only.. Sizes from 1000 - 3500 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Capricorn @ 1 Science Park Rd4.20IT and Research Units Available. Sizes fr 1000 - 5000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)Teletech Park @ 20 Science Park Rd4.80IT-unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 10000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Galen @ 61 Science Park Rd4.20Only have Research Unit (Wet/Dry Lab) for rent only. Sizes fr 1000 - 20000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Kendall @ 50 Science Park Rd4.50Only have Research Unit (Wet/Dry Lab) for rent only. Sizes fr 2000 - 3200 sft

History of Science Park Singapore

Science Park Singapore comprises of Science Park I, Science Park II and Science Park III.  On the other hand, Science Park III is regarded as an expansion of the already established Science Park II (in light of the fact that it was established on the same premises as Science Park II). In spite of the fact that the government of Singapore gave the go-ahead for the erection of the Science park I structure in 1980, it wasn’t until two years after before it opened its doors to business. The structure is situated on a 30-hectare plot of land, and its first occupant was DNV (Det Norske Veritas) – a globally recognized registrar & classification company. About 11 Years after Science Park I opened its doors to DNV and other customers in Singapore, a new building was approved, this time on a 20-hectare plot of land. The first structure that was positioned on this 20-hectare land was the renowned Institute of Microelectronics also known as IME. As days changed to months, other buildings were added to the blueprint of the Science Park II.

From the time when the foundation of Science Park I was dug, there’s been an unceasing expansion on the parkland of both Science Park I and II. This continuous expansion has transformed Science Park Singapore to a certain degree the center point of research, development, and innovations in Singapore. Which makes it the perfect location for business owners that are looking to make a profit from their different ventures. Positioned impeccably in line with the length of Singapore’s Tech corridor, the globally recognized Singapore Science Park is truly the house of the best tech developers in the world. No wonder, prominent companies like Bridgestone, Crimson Logic, Syngenta, Institute of Microelectronics, FJ Benjamin Mitsui Chemicals, Delta Electronics, and IDS Medica have their offices on Singapore Science Park grounds.

While Science Park Singapore is home to many tech developers and the key players of different industries, there’s still a lot to be had on its grounds. Especially for start-up businesses.

Map of Singapore Science Park Office and Laboratory Space For Rent

Science Park 1 and Science Park 2 Singapore Space For Rent Map

Why Science Park Singapore is a sought after location for Technology and R&D companies?

As a software, Infocom, research, laboratory or technology-related business owner, you have to position your office at a spot that is most advantageous to your business. Science Park Singapore is the perfect spot for technology driven firms in light of the fact that it is the meeting point of tech professionals in Singapore due to its proximity to NUS and One-North Technology & Innovation Centre. Business owners can easily collaborate with experts of the industry, professors, and students to advance their research and create solutions that one of the most advance in the industry. This kind of collaborations with conducive working environment are rare opportunities that give many companies an advantage to be based in Singapore Science Park compared to any other country in Asia.

Science Park can give you the kind of unique exposure to the world and put your business at the forefront of thousands of potential customers.

As a matter of fact, even start-up tech companies can choose to rent office in Science Park including laboratory from as small as 500 sft at rental rates that are 30% – 50% cheaper than office in CBD ($7 -- $12). Generally, the office units in Science Park for rent come with pre-fitted ceiling boards and lights. Also, the office units are aired by either independently controlled or centralized AC unit. On the other hand, the laboratories for rent in Science Park mostly come in empty shells without fittings. It is a bare unit with floor trap and exhaust to suit most laboratory requirements. Tenants generally are required to fit-up their own lab requirements that are approved by SCDF. Alternatively, a request can be made to landlord to fit-up the space for a certain amount.

The Unique Opportunity By Renting Office space in Science Park Singapore

As a start-up business owner, opportunity to collaborate with NUS professors, students, and tech engineers create a niche that you can benefit tremendously as a business owner. The ease of doing business cooperation on the established name of Science Park Singapore is certainly a strong pull factor. Existing tenants can also include the address of Science Park Singapore in their company’s profile lending credibility for online search.

Furthermore, the proximity of Science Park Singapore to NUS (National University of Singapore), One North, and the numerous R&D firms, software, and telecom companies that are housed on Singapore Science Park create a technology-driven environment that can help business owners grow together as part of Singapore government’s effort to be the forefront of technology industry in Asia.

Location plays a very important role when it comes to provide customers with the best experience. Customers are more likely to buy into what you are selling to them when they are comfortable in your commercial building or workplace. Also, oversea customers will most certainly trust the reliability of your products and services when they see your company is based in the well-known Science Park Singapore.

Science Park Office and Lab Rental Procedures

Science Park office rental is generally based on 3 + 3 renewable lease term lease with 3 months deposit and 1 month advance rental. Prospective tenants have a wide variety of buildings to choose from depending on their trade requirements. Some of the buildings in Science Parks are designated only for Infocom (IT-related trade), while some buildings provides wet or dry laboratory space for research purposes (Bio-medical & Science activities). 

Please note that NEA clearance and approval for the usage of the space in Science Park and One North buildings is required. Do work out carefully on the timeline required for tenancy paper work, NEA approval process (that will take at least 14 working days or more), and renovation period before your company can start operating from the premise. It is very important to outline your space requirements right from the start to ensure efficient sourcing of suitable space.

You are welcome to call our enquiry hotline for discussion about the office or lab space rental requirement. Our staff will then propose you several options office or lab for rent in Science Park. A viewing of the actual units will then be conducted on the agreed date and timing.

Most of the times, landlord will give a rent-free period range from 2 weeks – 1 month (commonly known as fitting-up period). The length of this rent-free period also depends on the rental amount agreed and the length of the lease term. Tenants are allowed to partition the space into small office rooms, meeting or conference rooms, pantry, etc as long as the renovation doesn’t violate fire safety under SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force rule). Please note that upon expiry of the lease, the tenants are required to reinstate the unit into its original condition.

Watch the following Science Park Office and Lab Space For Rent in Youtube video below. Enjoy!


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