Nucleos @ one-north Biopolis Office & Lab Rental

Nucleos biopolis space for rent

Nucleos @ one-north Biopolis Rental – Building Specs :


Gross Floor Area   : 46,182 sqm
Net Lettable Area : 36,592 sqm

Floor Loading :

1st storey: 7.5 kN/sqm 
2nd to 7th storey: 7.5 kN/sqm for typical laboratory 
2nd to 7th storey: 12.5 kN/sqm for 7th storey

Ceiling Height (Floor to Floor) :
– 1st storey: 4.0 m to 9.0 m 
– 2nd to 6th storey: 5.3m 
– 7th Storey: 8.5m (North Tower); 5.3m (South Tower)

Passenger lifts: 8 x 1,360 kg (20 people)

Cargo/Service lifts: 2 x 2,515 kg (37 people)

Loading Bay : 5  loading/unloading bays 


Nucleos @ One North Biopolis Transport accessibility via MRT & Car


one-north nearest mrt

one-north nearest mrt

One-north MRT to Harbour Front (North East Line)  – 12 mins

One-north MRT to Botanic Gardens (Downtown Line) – 8 mins

One-north MRT to Jurong East (North South Line) – 8 mins

One-north MRT to Caldecott (Thomson East Coast Line) – 19 mins



one-north business park transport

For those who drive from Alice Mediapolis to go for business meeting at CBD, it takes only approx 17 minutes to reach. And those who need to catch a flight at Changi airport, it will take 30 minutes with cab or private vehicle via AYE.


One-North Business Park & Lab Rental Rates Guide

(Disclaimer : The rental rates guide below serves as a reference only and is subject to change without any prior notice).

5Nexus @ Fusionopolis5.80 - 6.30Business Park & Pure office for rent. Suit Bio-research & physical science, electronics & technology company.
5Galaxis @ Fusionopolis6.00 - 6.30Business Park & Pure office for rent. Suit Bio-research & physical science, electronics & technology company.
5Solaris @ Fusionopolis5.90Research unit. Award winning project. Sizes fr 2700 - 13000 sft.
5Razor SEA HQ @ Fusionopolis5.90Business Park Usage. Suitable for IT or techonology related industry. Fully sheltered 6 min walk to One North MRT. Sublet fee applies.
5Nucleos @ Biopolis5.80 - 6.20Research unit for Bio-medical trade.
Sizes fr 1000 - 8000 sft.
5Neuros/Immunos @ Biopolis5.80 - 6.00Research unit for Biomedical. Suit Bio-research & physical science company.
5Amnios @ Biopolis5.75Biomedical R&D usage. Office Size from 10000 sft.
5Synapse @ Biopolis5.75 - 6.60Biomedical R&D usage. Size about 2400 sft. Fitted unit or bare condition.
5Infinite Studios @ Mediapolis4.60 - 5.20Research unit and office-type unit available. Sizes fr 3000 sft.
5Alice @ Mediapolis3.85 - 5.70Suits SMEs in InfoComm, Media, Physical Science and Engineering R&D industries. Launchpad graduates will enjoy rental subsidy. Sizes from 1000 - 45000 sft. imageAmenities available to tenants: Meeting rooms, childcare centre, huge event halls, F&BShuttle bus at 10 mins' interval to Buona Vista and one-north MRT


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