The Rutherford & Oasis @ 83/85 Science Park Dr | Lab For Rent 1,500 – 10,000 sft

Rutherford Science Park lab for rent

The Rutherford Location : 83 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118261 (Science Park 1)

The Rutherford & Oasis are situated at the back part of Science Park 1, not far from a residential condo formerly known as Normanton Park. The buildings are specifically built for R&D purpose for dry-based R&D or wet laboratory to IT-related activities. Rutherford has vacancies for laboratory space for rent on an immediate basis with sizes starting from 1000 sft.

All laboratory space for rent are equipped with fire sprinkler, floor trap, dedicated exhaust duct space, and chilled water . Companies who does R&D activities will need to renovate the space in accordance to their requirements. An option of renovation to equip the lab space by the landlord is available with inclusion of the capital expenditure into the rental amount over the duration of the lease. Please discuss with us the rental procedure in more detail. 

Science Park 1 is situated along Singapore’s Technology Corridor. The compound of the Park’s campus-like setting provides an ideal working environment for more than 300 companies, be it MNCs, local companies and research organisations. The proximity of Science Park to the National University of Singapore (NUS) is also strong consideration factor as companies based in Science Parks can easily collaborate with researchers / students from the University and companies based at One North. For transport convenience, there is a complimentary internal shuttle bus shuffling between Science Park 1 and Science Park 2 for personnel working there. 

Staff working at Science Park 1 can also take advantage of the complimentary lunch shuttle service that go to different market places such as Holland Drive Market, Ghim Moh Food Centre, Holland Village and Sparkle at Science Park 2. The lunch shuttle service starts from 11.45 am with a returning service provided. Please see below table.

The Rutherford Lab For Rent – Building Specification :


Floor Loading : 1st storey: 10 kN/sqm ; 2nd to 4th storey: 7.5 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height : Floor to slab soffit: 4.5 m ; Floor to beam soffit: 3.6 m

Lifts : 1 passenger lift and 1 service lift on each floor of each lobby

Internal Shuttle Bus Service within Science Park 1 and Science Park 2

To add to the convenience of personnel working within Science Park Community, there is also an internal shuttle bus service that is free of charge that ply the routes from Singapore Science Park 1 to Science Park 2 and vice versa from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holiday).

Science Park Shuttle service

Science Park Rental Rates Guide

DistrictProjectPrice psf/month (S$)Remarks
5 (Science Park 1)Ascent @ 2 Science Park Dr6.80Sizes fr 1000 - 35,000 sft. Limited space available
5 (Science Park 1)Rutherford @ 89 Science Park Dr4.20Research unit. Sizes fr 1500 - 7500 sft.
5 (Science Park 1)The Franklin3.80Limited space available
5 (Science Park 1)Cintech I/II/III @ 73 Science Park Dr4.50IT-unit. Sizes fr 700 - 13000 sft
5 (Science Park 1)Cintech IV @ 79 Science Park Drive4.50Research Unit from 1700 - 20,000 sft
5 (Science Park 1)Chadwick/Curie/Cavendish @ 85 Science Park Dr4,20IT-unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 5000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Alpha @ 10 Science Park Rd4.30 - 4.70IT and Research units available. Sizes fr 800 - 40000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Gemini @ 41 Science Park Rd4.20 - 4.50Research units. Sizes fr 500 - 10000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Aries @ 51 Science Park Rd4.00 - 4.50Research units. Sizes from 1000 - 3500 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Capricorn @ 1 Science Park Rd 4.60IT and Research units available. Sizes fr 1000 - 5000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)Teletech Park @ 20 Science Park Rd4.70IT-unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 10000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Galen @ 61 Science Park Rd4.70Research unit. Sizes fr 1000 - 50000 sft
5 (Science Park 2)The Kendall @ 50 Science Park Rd4.70Research unit. Sizes fr 2000 - 3200 sft

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